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edTPA® Scorer Training and Scoring

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edTPA is a pre-service assessment process designed by educators to answer the essential question: Is a new teacher ready for the job? edTPA includes a review of a teacher candidate's authentic teaching materials as the culmination of a teaching and learning process that documents and demonstrates each candidate's ability to effectively teach his/her subject matter to all students. edTPA scorers play an important role in preparing these teacher candidates.

Below is the training curriculum for returning and new scorers and a suggested training timeline.

New Scorer Training Curriculum and Timeline

Scorers who are new to edTPA will complete the training curriculum comprised of independent, online training modules, as well as independent scoring and the opportunity to discuss any questions about scoring with a trainer.

 New Scorer Training Curriculum
 Estimated  Duration  Notes/Comments
 Self-Paced Training
 8-10 hours

Individual modules are between 30 to 60 minutes and need to be completed in sequence.

Task modules are broken down by rubric. Each rubric module contains scoring activities that allow scorers to practice reviewing evidence and determining scores. The final module for each task is scoring activity for the entire task. 

 Introduction to edTPA
 (edTPA Overview; Preventing Bias)
 Task 1: Planning
 Task 2: Instruction
 Task 3: Assessment
 Portfolio Scoring System
 Practice Scoring
 3 hours After completing the self-paced training modules, scorers will score a practice edTPA.
 Recorded Review Session
 Trainer led review of the Practice Portfolio Scoring;  Follow-up with trainer during office hours
 2-3 hours This is a recorded training session that reviews the practice edTPA. Scorers are encouraged to follow up with Trainers during trainers’ scheduled office hours after viewing this recording.
 Qualification Scoring  4-6 hours Upon completion of the self-paced training, independent work, and viewing the recorded review session, scorers will score two edTPAs to become qualified to score. After the first of the two, scorers are encouraged to review the official scores and annotations and attend Trainer office hours to answer any questions they may have before attempting the second portfolio.
 Total Estimated Duration  17-22 hours  


 Additional Training Curriculum after Qualification

 Orientation to Operational Scoring

 30 minutes

After qualification scorers will be assigned to review information that is relevant to scoring operational candidate submissions.

 Washington Student Voice
 (not required of all scorers, only upon  request from Pearson)

 1 hour

The Washington Student Voice training module will be assigned only to qualified scorers who are  asked to score a Washington edTPA.

Training for most content areas will follow this common structure.  However, scorers for Elementary Education must complete training and qualification on Elementary Literacy followed by training and qualification on Elementary Education Task 4: Mathematics. Content areas with a low number of submissions may also follow a different training and scoring structure.

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Time Limits

While we know that our scorers typically have busy lives, we also have commitments to the teacher candidates who have submitted their portfolios. Accordingly, the following training time limits apply to certain stages of the training process. This schedule allows us to meet our scoring commitments to teacher candidates, and scorers who are not able to make timely progress are subject to being released from the project.

 Training Activity  Time Limits*
Complete the Self-paced Training Modules, (est. 8-10 hours) and the Practice Scoring (est. 3 hours). Within 4 weeks (28 days) from the date of their welcome email.
View the Recorded Review Session (est. 2-3 hours), meet with a trainer (optional) to ask any follow-up questions, and complete the Qualification Scoring activities (est. 4-6 hours). Within 2 weeks (14 days) of completing Practice Scoring and being assigned to the qualification item in ePEN.

*Elementary Education scorers please note: due to the nature of your subject (Elementary Literacy and Math combined), you will have a different training flow. Elementary Education Scorers will need to complete the training and qualification for Elementary Literacy followed by training and qualification for Elementary Education Task 4: Mathematics (approx. an additional 4-6 hours) and should factor this additional time in their planning, so that all training and qualification is completed within 6 weeks of their welcome email.

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Returning Scorer Training Curriculum and Timeline

Scorers who qualified and have scored within 120 days may continue scoring.  Scorers who have qualified and been inactive (not scored within 120 days) will need to re-qualify, as detailed below.  (Scorers who began, but have not completed, training and qualification will need to resume the New Scorer process.)

 Returning Scorer Training Curriculum 
 Estimated Duration  Notes/Comments
Independent Review
Scoring Modules and Thinking Behind the Rubrics
Updates to Handbook (if appropriate)
 2-3 hours An opportunity to review the training modules completed previously in preparation for qualification scoring.
 Qualification Scoring  2-3 hours Scorers will score a re-qualification edTPA to continue scoring (within 14 days of assignment to requalification).
 Total Estimated Duration  4-6 hours  


The following training timeline suggests a schedule for the number of days you can expect to spend leading up to the scoring sessions.  This is an example and your specific schedule will depend upon the amount of review you choose to do.  When planning your schedule, please note the following:

 Training Activity  Time Limits
Complete the self-paced Independent Review (est. 2-3 hours). We suggest you complete this within 1-2 days before you score the re-qualification portfolio.    
Score the re-qualification portfolio (2-3 hours). We recommend you score this as soon as practical following your review of the training materials.
If you don’t qualify on the qualification scoring activity, we will contact you to determine next steps.  This could impact the date you can begin scoring. 
 Scoring  After qualification

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Training and Scoring Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about becoming an edTPA scorer, click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about training and scoring.