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edTPA Scorer Training FAQs

Training and Scoring Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I access the Training Modules and Scoring Activities?

A:  You will receive a “Welcome” e-mail from Pearson on your training start date outlining the training process and providing details on how to access the scoring system.

Q: How am I compensated for Training and Scoring?

A: Pearson will compensate scorers for both training and scoring.  Once qualified, scorers will be compensated $75 per edTPA scored. The standard new Scorer training required to become an edTPA Scorer is expected to take 19-24 hours to complete, with scorers earning an average of approximately $230-280. Returning scorers will be compensated $12/hour for the Returning Scorer Curriculum activities.

Q: I am interested in learning more about edTPA, but am not able to score.  Can I attend this training?

A: This edTPA Scorer Training program will be offered to those who make a commitment to score and are compensated for this work.  To learn more about edTPA please visit

Q: What is the time commitment for Scoring?

A: In addition to completing the Scorer training, Scorers are expected to score a minimum of at least 1 to 2 portfolios per week for a multi-month scoring session, subject to the number of submissions.  The total number of edTPAs available to each scorer will vary based on total number of submissions through the year.

Q: If I don’t qualify to score, what support is provided?

A:  An edTPA content support team member will contact you to discuss your qualification results and next steps. 

Q: Will I be asked to score a Washington edTPA? 

A:  If you are affiliated with a Washington campus, there is a strong likelihood you will receive a Washington edTPA to score.  We will also request those not associated with a Washington campus to score a Washington edTPA if your expertise is needed. 

Q: Am I required to complete the Washington Student Voice training module?

A: Only those assigned to score Washington edTPAs will be required to complete/review the Washington Student Voice training module (estimated duration of 1 hour).  You will be compensated an additional amount for completing this module.

Q: My campus is not implementing edTPA, can I still apply to become a scorer and attend training?

A:  Yes.  Our scorers include qualified teacher educators and PK-12 educators from across the country.  The number of qualified scorers needed to score edTPA is dependent upon the number of edTPAs submitted and content areas needed.


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